Coconut barfi recipe

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Let see how to Cook authentic tamil food Coconut barfi recipe from scratch by following Step By Step instructions..

Tamil Cuisine  -  Desserts RecipesBarfi Recipes (entree)
Prep Time:0 minutes | Cooking Time:1 hour
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  1. Ghee - 1 cup
  2. Shredded coconut - 2 cup
  3. Sugar - 2 1/2 cup (2.5)
  4. Milk - 4 Cup
  5. Cardamom - 3


  1. Melt butter and fry the shredded coconut until the coconut turns golden brown and keep aside.
  2. In a pan boil the milk and add the fried coconut and mix well, reduce heat and simmer until the milk becomes thick.
  3. Now add the sugar and crushed cardamom. Simmer and cook. When the ghee separate from coconut.
  4. Now transfer this to a flat pan. Once its cooled down. Cut them into cubes and serve.